I bought a Rainbow Freeze ice cream and as I got close to the stick I noticed a sharp piece of the stick was coming out of another end. As an adult I realized it before it could have stabbed me.

I can't imagine one of my kids getting injured from eating a lollipop but it could of happened. I recommend not buying that brand of ice cream for your kids cause that was just an accident waiting to happen.

The company should of known that ice cream stick was unacceptable and dangerous. I would have never thought I'd see an ice cream stick so broken and done wrong.

Review about: Blue Bell Creameries Ice Cream.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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You DO realize these are made in a factory and not by hand, right? Blue Bell had no way of seeing the mistake before it was shipped out.

That wouldn't have killed any child or seriously hurt them, it's not that big of a deal and it's certainly no reason to stop buying their products. Machines mess up sometimes, deal with it.


Good heavens, They don't use that kind of sticks intentionally. More than likely the damage to the stick happened while the ice cream was being poured onto it.

You are really making a mountain out of mole hill. Yes it could be dangerous, but I bet it wouldn't be fatal.

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