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I am team Nutty Chocolate as well! I reside in the Atlanta Ga area.

I haven't been able to find my favorite Nutty Chocolate for years now. Blue Bell I think that Nutty Chocolate is by far your best flavor however it's has not been in your ice cream coolers AT ALL! Please give us Nutty Chocolate connoisseurs an explanation why it hasn't been available and MORE importantly when will the two best combinations (chocolate/nuts) be available for purchase Again?

I'm keeping my crossed in bopes that you'll answer our request. Thanks in advance Blue Bell.

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I agree very disappointed that you no longer have nutty chocolate. It was the best by far.

If they ran out where I usually shop we would go to different stores just to find it. They could not keep it on the selves. Can't believe you would stop making it. Please bring it back!!!

And when you do make lots of it. Lol

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