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When will Triple Chocolate be back? It's my very favorite and I buy 2-3 gallons at a time when I see it.

It just magically appears for a short time then disappears without a trace.

Please bring it back! I see all kinds of flavors that are nowhere near as good staying in the freezer cases in my Far North Dallas stores, but no Triple Chocolate. I do rounds of the stores in my area that carry Bluebell Ice Cream and have been know to have Triple Chocolate ice cream in past years. Sometimes I feel like I'm the main customer for this wonderful, wonderful flavor. I've been known to buy all cartons in the freezer at once and back again the next week to do the same. I do have limited space at home though

How do you decide what flavors will be available and what flavors will be retired?

I'm begging and pleading for Triple Chocolate. I'm more broken-hearted than pissed.

Reason of review: availability.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Bring on the triple chocolate!


I love triple chocolate ice cream and I can't find it anywhere now I know it's seasonal but when will you bring it back .... it's my most favorite ice cream please please please bring it back .

It should be a regular flavor not seasonal ... Please bring it back


I can’t agree with the others enough. I have felt homesick twice in my life, once was eating triple chocolate outside of Texas. I’m back now, bring it back too!


Everything you said is what I, feeling ! I look for triple chocolate all summer, waiting to buy every tub I can find !

When is is coming this year ?

And why is it seasonal. Chocolate should be a year around flavor.


I’m another customer on a useless search for a Triple Chocolate Ice Cream from Bluebell, the BEST FLAVOR EVER. Pissed that they make it a seasonal flavor so we have to look for it.

Does Bluebell realize the money they’re leaving on the table with this practice? Please get it to stores, it’s AUGUST already!

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