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What happened to BB ice cream? I've been eating blue bell my entire life and no other ice cream could ever compete with the smoothness and flavorful bowl of blue skies and happiness.

Now it makes me sick, literally and figuratively. The satisfaction and comfort that is supposed to come with eating a bowl of good ol' ice cream has been replaced with a big bowl of disappointment. Just like the pharmaceuticals made in labs BB should come with a warning of possible (likely) side effects. Such as but not limited to: Diarrhea, bloating, intestinal discomfort, depression, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of homicide, constipation, cramps, nausea, sweating, trouble sleeping, trouble walking, trouble doing anything, feeling yucky, overall malaise, listeria, impotence, turning to prostitution for real ice cream and anal leakage has been reported by some ingesting this....substance.

BB now taste just as bad as the frozen DAIRY dessert Breyers can't call ice cream. The taste and nostalgia is gone. Is it corporate greed that ruined this household staple? Is it lack of care?

Did the person who actually knew the right recipe die? Whatever the case may be BB is dead to me. Thanks Blue Bell for taking a giant dump on my childhood memories. That actually might taste better than your so called "ice cream".

Maybe that should be your new flavor. You can call it "Nostalgic Childhood with Chocolate flavored Poopy Swirl". With or without nuts. But don't forget the list of side effects!

People should know they're eating s***.

Will I buy again? If it wasn't obvious...NO!

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue Bell Creameries Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Go back to the original recipe and give corporate greed a swift kick in the nuts..

I didn't like: Taste or texture or side effects.

  • Gross
  • Ice Cream
  • Vioated
  • Intestinal Discomfort
  • Side Effects
  • Not Ice Cream
  • Change Of Ingredients
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LOL. Sounds like everyone has lactose intolerance.....look it up on the googles instead of bashing ice cream.....

to Anonymous #1578923

Lol NOT. Who the *** is bashing ice cream?

It’s delicious but If you google “bluebell and stomach ache” you’ll find hundreds of posts about this. Also I am NOT lactose intolerant, I can drink milk all day everyday and be perfectly fine.

I have a lot of DAIRY creamer in my coffee and eat yogurt like a mad man and these do not do anything to me the way Bluebell now does. They are right something is now off about Bluebell.


I discovered this review after my own disastrous experience with Blue Bell last night. I always buy another brand of candy crunch ice cream from the ice cream truck but this time it was only selling the Blue Bell brand.

I tried it, thought nothing of it, then was woken up in the middle of the night with the worst cramps and gas ever. I couldn't even pass anything, either, like when you normally have intestinal distress. I had to wait in agony for the better part of two hours before I could.

I am feeling a little better this morning, but still, I have intestinal distress.

I thought I was crazy to think it was from the Blue Bell popsicle but then I Googled and saw this review and others with the same complaints going back as much as a year. This is an evil company if it's putting stuff in its ice cream knowing full well that it's causing this type of distress in consumers and not doing anything about it.

to Anon #1358142

Sorry, my comment was for the wrong company. It was meant for Blue Bunny, not Blue Bell.

Mods, please remove. Thanks.


I am or was a die hard Blue Bell fan also, I have gotten so sick the last two times I had it, my stomach hurt so bad, I was considering the purchase of a revolving door for my bathroom!

I'm so sad Blue Bell is nothing more now than a distant memory full of excellent moment, now tainted with sweats and pain.


LOL! Best review ever!

So sad Blue Bell fell in the sewer along with breyers.

I knew blue bell tasted different and I too get an upset tummy after eating it now. Time to start making my own ice cream.

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