I guess the triple chocolate is seasonal since I can't find any in the store. It's really disheartening to suddenly not find my favorite flavor on the shelf.

It would be nice if you guys would let your customers know a schedule for when certain flavors will not be available!!! This seems to happen to me quite often. Like with fudge brownie nut. They just disappear.

If I knew ahead of time I could make sure I have extra in the freezer! Please consider your diehard customers.

When you do this. Longing for Triple chocolate BB in Lancaster,Tx

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue Bell Creameries Triple Chocolate Ice Cream.

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where is the Triple Chocolate??? It's our very favorite and I can't find it in North Dallas.


My wife & I love Triple Chocolate. We’ve only seen it a few weeks each summer but so far this year I haven’t seen it in our stores.


Why isn't Triple Chocolate available year round???? I hunt for this product every time I'm in a grocery store.


I’m with you there, why would a flavor called Triple Chocolate be considered “seasonal”? It’s dumb.

It’s my favorite flavor and I have to hope my store will order it when it’s available. For what they’re charging for a half gallon now, they’re missing out on lots of sales.

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